We are group of experienced (20+ yrs) professionals from Indian Software Service companies. With our extensive domain knowledge and processes your requirements will be understood with minimum questions from our side along with value add suggestions and inputs. Our area of expertise are:

  • Trade Automation / Robot / Algo Trading. We have implemented trading algorithms using - Grid Trading, Martingale / Anti-martingale; all popular indicators; involving money management with controlled drawdowns etc.
    • Custom development in Java, C/C++ using API's, trade simulations
    • MT4/5 using MQL4/5 with dll
    • AmiBroker AFL
    • NinjaTrader C#
    • Tradestation - Lua
    • ForexTester
  • Optimization and simulations: Deep knowledge of various optimization methods and libraries in different languages; and system modelling for simulation and optimzation. Excel based simulations - Monte Carlo Simulations / What if analysis / Scenerio Manager
  • Desktop Apps: High performance apps in C/C++ or Java with multithreading, Windows / Linux / Unix API interfaces
  • Web Apps: In HTML 5, jQuery, Ajax etc, using platform of your choice
  • Automation: Automation of any repeated tasks using tools from Excel/MS Office VBA Macros to custom developed apps in the language of your choice

Case studies can be provided on request, on any of the above areas of expertise.

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